Can't Install Global themes

Hi! I’ve just installed KDE Plasma trough Endeavour OS and i’m trying to change the global theme, when i try i get this error “Could not verify dependancy kns://colorschemes.knsrc/” I’ve looked online and i’ve seen a few people have the same issue but they all say it was fixed in early 2020 so it’s almost two years out of date. Anyone have any idea how to fix this? Would a re-install do it or is there any way to get said dependancy?

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When this happens it is often an issue with plasma or the store that hosts the themes. A reinstall probably won’t help.

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It is a known kde store bug. just close out and log out and back in again and retry. It IS really annoying.

Hello, yesterday i get Unknown Open Collaboration Service API error. (0) when i try to get additional themes in KDE System Settings. Is this related?

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Yes, really. It happent for me to: Store just show “Unknown Open Collaboration Service API error. (0)” - It is horrible.

(Fresh installation, Ukraine, site accessible)