Can't install Fractal in Flathub

Following this:

Command line instructions

Make sure to follow the setup guide before installing
flatpak install flathub org.gnome.Fractalcontent_copy
flatpak run org.gnome.Fractal

Here is what I did by following the above Fractal Flatpak installation instructions.

[michael@eos-22 ~]$ flatpak install flathub org.gnome.Fractal
Looking for matches…

(flatpak install:25823): GLib-GIO-CRITICAL **: 21:23:12.847: g_task_get_cancellable: assertion 'G_IS_TASK (task)' failed
Required runtime for org.gnome.Fractal/x86_64/stable (runtime/org.gnome.Platform/x86_64/41) found in remote flathub
Do you want to install it? [Y/n]: 

org.gnome.Fractal permissions:
    ipc                  network      fallback-x11      pulseaudio      wayland      x11     dri
    dbus access [1]

    [1] org.freedesktop.Notifications, org.freedesktop.secrets

        ID                          Branch         Op         Remote          Download
 1. [✗] org.gnome.Platform          41             i          flathub          66.7 MB / 291.6 MB
 2. [ ] org.gnome.Fractal           stable         i          flathub         < 3.7 MB

Error: While pulling runtime/org.gnome.Platform/x86_64/41 from remote flathub: Error resolving “”: System error
error: Failed to install org.gnome.Platform: While pulling runtime/org.gnome.Platform/x86_64/41 from remote flathub: Error resolving “”: System error

The only reason I want to install this, it seems to be the best way to get involved in the disussion on develoment of Gnome. SO if you know a better way, let me know.

Have you tried the one that’s already in the repos?

sudo pacman -S fractal

It’s in the Arch community repos fyi. currently at version 4.4.0-2.

When I attempt just now to install the flatpak version, it works just fine for me:

[scott@EndeavourOS ~]$ flatpak install flathub org.gnome.Fractal
Looking for matches…

org.gnome.Fractal permissions:
    ipc           network       fallback-x11       pulseaudio
    wayland       x11           dri                dbus access [1]

    [1] org.freedesktop.Notifications, org.freedesktop.secrets

        ID                          Branch   Op   Remote    Download
 1. [✓] org.gnome.Fractal.Locale    stable   i    flathub   4.9 kB / 237.4 kB
 2. [✓] org.gnome.Fractal           stable   i    flathub   3.5 MB / 3.7 MB

Installation complete.
[scott@EndeavourOS ~]$ 

Have you tried running flatpak update and then trying to install the flatpak version? Might just be you’re out of date maybe.

That looks like a network error. You are failing to resolve the DNS.

Ran an update, but it was a while ago. It seems to be updating, so I will let you know.
I was kind of hoping you would bite @Scotty_Trees, as I wanted to know the best way to connect to the Epiphany devs? I see Fractal is a convoluted way to chat in Matrix. How do you do it?

We have a pretty ratty connection. Most days its 5mbps down and .6 up. I will try it again later tonight.

As much as I like to use Gnome apps when I can, I prefer the older Hexchat over Fractal. Hexchat is older, a bit outdated, still using GTK2, so it’s not on the cutting edge or winning any design awards. But it’s still maintained with small updates and it packs way more features than Fractal, which offers practically nothing in terms of features and customizations, it’s very bare bones.

This link should get you a little bit started.

As for talking in a Fedora area, I check in with the Fedora discord from time to time, but I also check in to the #Fedora and #Fedora-devel Libera Chats on IRC channels, which is what I use Hexchat for. Now if you’ve never set that up before, it’s confusing at first, but relatively easy to figure out if you already know what channels you want to connect to. If that’s something you want to try, I can assist with that.

There’s also which is for users to seek help with bugs and issues and general questions. There’s also also which is more for the Fedora devs and contributors to discuss the various issues and updates related to Fedora.

No, I tried your suggestion and this time Fractal updated. So I just need to enter their homeserver. I don’t really want to dabble in Fedora’s Gnome, as I plan to do everything in :enos: with the
I will mark your post as a solution. Thank you as always.

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Fedora is a good reference point for where most of the upstream of Gnome developers are to be found. Meeting and talking in the Fedora circle of things is essentially being in the Gnome circle of things as well, which is why I suggested it, since they are pretty synonymous with each other.

If you want to try to talk to some of the devs directly there is the Gnome Discourse here:

But over the last year or two, I can’t say the Gnome Discourse has been hugely active; plenty of recent posts, but not always a lot of lengthy/active discussion. You could always make a post on Reddit’s /r/gnome and ask a question there about the best way to talk to the devs directly. If it were me, I’d try their IRC option first and then try other options if that doesn’t prove useful enough.

Have you tried this page yet? It tells you how to get more involved with the project. I can’t say for certain if it is fully up to date or not. A lot of these Gnome wiki pages aren’t updated very often in my experience.

The Discourse Gnome is not being updated. I will try Fedora, even if I am not running it. How do I get started with that? I did create a user on but that is as far as I went.

I would be interested in your thoughts on my last post on Ready for GNOME 43?

well, to use Fractal to get into the matrix channel, you’ll have to do a few things.

open Fractal, if you already have a Matrix/ account, then click login, otherwise click Create Account, it’ll open a web browser so you can create an account with riot/Element? I think. Once you’re registered and have an account, you can go stick with the web browser set up if you like, or go back to Fractal and click Login, for the “homeserver” you can just use and then it’ll ask you to type in your username and password, then you’re logged in. Once you’re logged in, the top left has a Plus sign + you can click to join a room, in this case the room you want to join is so enter that in then click on Join and you should now be in the same chat area as the other Epiphany Web devs. I’m in it now, there’s about 100 users right now.

But with irc/matrix/etc, its like the forums in that don’t expect a reply right away, just be patient and someone will reply back to you eventually at some point, so if your message goes unheard or unresponded, don’t take it personally, just try again another time and always be respectful as well. Some users come in and demand things and people typically won’t engage or help users that have that kind of attitude. Let me know if any of that works and we can go from there.

Edit: shows you joined the chat, so looks like you got it figured out!

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I got in once before, but I set the permissions too low and got a bunch of zombie thrash metal gamers pinging me on my phone. Like 200 messages in a day. Not one of the interesting to me, since I am not a gamer. I just logged out. Now I only want to know about Gnome’s progress, since it’s my DE of choice.
Have a good evening.

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Well the short answer is Gnome 43 is shaping up to be a release that focuses mainly on refinements and smoother performance (like most releases anways), so I don’t expect a whole lot of changes. I expect things to be quite similar to how Gnome 42 is now, just newer versions and snappier/better performance and possibly a few new GTK4 apps fully ported over like Nautilus maybe.

Alphas are always going to be very very wonky, (I typically won’t run them), but the Betas are usually a good indication of how well it’ll perform to what we can expect before Gnome 43 is released. The cycle is only just gearing up recently, so I don’t have a whole lot of knowledge at the moment, but in the coming weeks expect more news to come out talking about new this and new that with Gnome 43 for sure. IN the mean time, enjoy your evening as well!

Epiphany is not my daily driver. Do you see the project has done anything notable to set it apart from others? The swipe tabs is cute, and the intelligent tracking prevention is needed these days, but do you see anything game changing? Or is it as you say refinements?

It’s unlikely Epiphany will replace Vivaldi and/or Firefox for me. Feature parity just isn’t there, and developing a constantly up to date web browser takes a decent sized team to maintain and Gnome is full of volunteers that dedicate priorities on tasks they want to develop, which may or may not be what some users want. Since like 90% of my workflow is done in a browser, I need something that’s updated often with bug fixes, security fixes, and new features.

Firefox and Vivaldi are always pushing out updates. With Epiphany you’re likely to get maybe a point release or two and that’ll be it. Then you’ll have to wait for the next new Gnome release to get the next new Epiphany release and I just can’t get behind that when it comes to a web browser that should be updated as often as need be.

I honestly never use Epiphany for more than just to see if it opens or not, but I always found its performance lacking when compared to it’s rivals. Objectively I can’t say what it does good since I don’t use it and don’t intend to either, Vivaldi/Firefox combo is more than enough for me to fit my needs. Honestly, with how many web browser options there are out there, I’d rather the devs spent time elsewhere working on other projects, but Gnome has their own vision for what they want in the mobile/desktop side of things, so having a web browser is a check in the box for them, but it’s not winning me over at all if I’m brutally honest about it.

I appreciate your brutally honest reply.
Vivaldi has been my daily driver, even though all these recent updates with all these uncalled for features, irk me, I have most of them turned off. Hibernate tabs is unique, but not enough to get the bloat down.
Firefox Dev. Ed. Is my design browser but only for page load time, but with only 2 extensions, it’s a racehorse.
As for the small Dev team on Epiphany, that is my concern too. I will probably stay with my combo.
Take care Scotty.

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