Can't get the Removable device Block on left panel of Dolphin

when I update endeavour os then Removable devices Block is not appearing on the left panel in Dolphin

If your kernel was updated, you’ll have to reboot to load the needed kernel module.

Its been a while when i updated. I have done lots of reboot and shutdown still unsuccessful

If you right-click on the panel, unlock it, and select “Show all entries” does the Removable Devices section appear when you plug a device in?

Also, I’m going to mention this, just in case you’re not aware of it:

The “Removable devices” section only appears when you attach a removable device. Otherwise, it doesn’t show in the panel.

Thanks @Stagger_Lee
When I clicked on the “Show all entries” it shows the removable devices but why it is showing Removable devices(hidden)

If it shows as “Hidden” then right-click on the section and uncheck the setting for “Hide Section Removable Devices.” It must have somehow gotten set as hidden.


Thanks @Stagger_Lee

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