Can't get SDDM login screen on XFCE/KDE

I installed XFCE offline a couple of days ago and today installed plasma-meta, packagekit-qt5 and breeze-grub. I also needed Dolphin, Gwenview, Kate, Konsole and Spectacle. So I installed those as well from within the XFCE session.

I restarted the machine but didn’t get the usual SDDM screen. I got the same screen that XFCE uses: LightDM. However, I could still log into Plasma (X11) and whatever I’ve looked at so far works just fine.

Can I somehow get the SDDM screen without getting rid of XFCE as described here?

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You could use either LighDM (Xfce) or SSDM (Plasma) as display manager but not both at the same time. So if you want sddm, then stop and disable lightdm.service and enable and start sddm.service instead.

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Yes, just use this one command:

sudo systemctl enable sddm.service --force

Using --force makes it so you don’t have to disable lightdm first.


Perfect, thanks!

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