Can't get picom to auto start in i3

I’ve tried uncommenting the relevant line (exec --no-startup-id picom -CGb) but nothing changes. Also tried using xcompmgr but that didn’t work either. The only way I’ve gotten it to work at all is to manually run picom & in the terminal, which of course stops working once that terminal is closed and is not how it should work.

I ran EOS i3 for a couple of months back in the spring (on the same PC) and didn’t have any issues with this, so something in the newer default setup must be causing the issue.

Try exec --no-startup-id picom -f

Had some issues with picom and latest kernels, they were resolved with LTS kernel.

Tried logging out and back in but no change…

Might try that - the LTS kernel should be fine for me anyway.

Picom isn’t part of i3. Try logging out and in again.

LTS kernel seems to be the fix. Thanks!


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