Can't get my XBox One controller working

I absolutely tried everything and can’t get this thing working.

  • Switching to Linux Zen kernel - I was thinking that the arch kernel was being built without gamepad support, so tried switching to Zen for good measure.
  • xone-dkms - tried installing this to get it working with my dongle. Dongle doesn’t seem to respond at all when it’s plugged in. Tried removing and clean building it too.
  • xpadneo and Bluetooth - Tried this method to try to get it to connect via Bluetooth. It just does a connect/disconnect loop right after pairing and doesn’t respond/connect at all when I take the controller out of pairing mode.
  • xboxdrv on wired - I tried the wired connection with xboxdrv instead of the built-in kernel driver.

The controller works fine in Bazzite out of the box, but Bazzite couldn’t play some of my games otherwise (crashes Riders Republic on launch). So I really want to get this to work in Endeavour/Arch.

I have an Xbox elite and literally things broke nonstop for like a year and I gave up and almost threw it against the wall.

I got this and I’ve never had to bother again. Fantastic investment.

To get one of my controllers working (albeit not wireless), xone-dkms didn’t cut it, I needed to use the xone-dkms-git version to get the latest device support. Something to try perhaps.

That was a no go. Just flashes. Acts like it’s not being recognized.

I found one old laptop in my house which still has Windows installed. It is forcing me to install the latest OS updates to just use the Xbox Accessories app to quickly flash the dongle and controller. Ugh, taking a while.

If this ever stops working, maybe. . . otherwise, trying to fix somethingthat works great seems pretty dumb. I try to minimize how many dumb things I do.

Agh, sorry @fbodymechanic, I’m new here and mistakenly replied to you, rather than the OP. My initial post was not intended for you at all.

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About a year, but not a super regular. Welcome to the discussion. :slight_smile:

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Interesting turn of events.

Updated the controller using one of my last remaining Windows computers. No change for wireless or wired. But now it will connect via Bluetooth just fine using my motherboard’s built-in Bluetooth. It won’t recognize any inputs though.

Seriously, what did Bazzite devs do differently from Arch/Endeavour devs to make it just not work at all in EndeavourOS?

Likely you’d have to ask the xpad dev’s as that’s their package.

Edit: the last time I made a bug report on their github about wireless - they specifically stated they have zero plans to ever take on bluetooth/wireless. It’s only for wired.

I wouldn’t expect progress on this ever unless there’s a big change of heart.


It’s working now. I uninstalled xone and xboxdrv, reverted back to the original kernel, reinstalled xpadneo, and now it’s working over Bluetooth (built-in on my motherboard) and I was able to play some Lawn Mower Simulator with it as a test. Actually works rather well.

Just updated my issue with the xpadneo repo.

So no progress on getting it to work with the dongle like it did on my Bazzite install, just over Bluetooth, it works. So the steps I took from my original post other than the suggestions:

  • Updated controller’s firmware using a Windows installation
  • Uninstalled (Pacman -R) xone-dkms, xone-dongle-firmware, xboxdrv
  • Reverted back to original kernel by switching it in grub.cfg
  • Installed (Yay -S) xpadneo-dkms

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