Can't get any game to work with Lutris

I’ve just installed EOS on my laptop, everything works fine, except … Any games.
It’s an old computer, so I’ve just 2-3 old games.
If they all work perfectly on Manjaro, I can’t get any of thoose working on EOS…

In fact, Lutris told me DXVK is not installed on my computer, but IT IS !
I’ve installed, dxvk, wine, lutris, lutris-6.2.2 and intel-mesa. (GPU is an Intel HD4600)

But nothing works. At best, lutris stay on “Running” mode but without any game launching.

I’ve remarqued i’ve got a red X beside the “wine” logo on lutris… So I’m pretty sure I’ve missed something to do on my system, but can’t find WHAT …

I’ve also tested flatpak ver of lutris, same issue.

If anyone can help me please ? =)

Many thanks !

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At least make sure of Requirements section.

Install wine-staging and in the game’s runner options in Lutris, change the wine version to System and disable Fsync.
Lutris-wine is actually broken, but wine-staging works like a charm in the 3-4 games I play with Wine.

Oh Didn’t mention that…
It’s general or only on EOS that is broken ?

I’ve tried your tip, but now i’ve just Lutris locked on "wine configuration is running now … "
And nothing more happens :-/

Wine? Windows is not excellent! :rofl:

I’ve verified 3x, I’m sure i’ve installed all the requirements :wink:
I really don’t understand why any of my games won’t launch… :frowning:

The Lutris wine maintainer on Lutris doesn’t maintain it any more and no one else stepped up which left it in a bad state. Its general, not only EnOS. Broken may actually be a bit hard. It not being updated anymore leads to more problems, which over time will make it broken, especially in games that are still updated.

Hello Again,
Another try today with Steam (Proton), impossible to get any games working.
Got Error : Failed to create D3D device A.

Sure there is something wrong with my config, repeat, all this was working great before on Manjaro :-/

I’ve followed the previous “Gaming Guide Requirements” Many time, and I confirm, All is OK.

Really need help to understand what’s going wrong here :-/

Thanks :wink: