Can't find unlocated partition

I did shrink 1tb partition for endeavour os but i couldn’t find it …

Nothing shows in the drop down menu? If you shrunk the windows partition it would be unallocated space. You could launch gparted before starting the installer and check. Then you could use gparted to create a new gpt partition using the unallocated space if that helps.

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Hier würde ich empfehlen:

  1. Abbruch der Installation
  2. Diagnose mit gparted
  3. Eventuelle Korrekturen

Übrigens, Du darfst in diesem Subforum die deutsche Sprache nutzen.

Here I would recommend:

  1. Aborting the installation
  2. Diagnosis with gparted
  3. Possible fixes

By the way, you are allowed to use the German language in this subforum.

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What now ? I did not find the unlocated space

Far from being well-versed in these sort of things, I had to look up LDM.

To prevent legacy applications from repartitioning the disk, the LDM creates a dummy MSDOS partition containing one disk-sized partition. This is what is supported with the Linux LDM driver.

A newer approach that has been implemented with Vista is to put LDM on top of a GPT label disk. This is not supported by the Linux LDM driver yet.

I wonder if this is why you are seeing the disk as one whole disk-sized partition in Linux (apart from those “especial” partitions at the end) as opposed to what you can see in Windows.

There might be. Please wait for more expert inputs.


Der LDM ist eine reine Microsoft-Idee und wird wohl nicht in Linux unterstützt.

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thats not the german subforum here :wink:

  1. you do not need to install gparted there is apartition manager installed on the ISO
  2. Do NOT replace empty space with " repalce a partition " empty space is not a partition…
  3. you have a dropdown menu on the top to select a drive to use:

In case you are not sure how to partition manually go to create a partition on teh empty space before starting installer so you can use replace partition on automatic partioning options without running into issues.

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I can’t use it Because i have windows on it

i also created a partition on the empty space on windows and still didn’t find it

The problem, as it seems, is that the Linux kernel’s LDM driver doesn’t support multiple partitions on a LDM managed disk (see my previous post).

Even if it did, the filesystems supported should be Windows compatible. So Linux compatible filesystems are out of question.


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Is this a desktop computer or a laptop?

Edit: It would be far easier to install another drive for EndeavourOS if possible.

the LDM is on /dev/sda as it shows here:

the nvme drive is the one where he space i screated to install EndeavourOS or not?
Or is the nvme drive also holding an LVM?
and not sure becaus ethe nvme seem only to have 500GB:

You need to provid ebetter information to get the help you need…

per example real drives/partition info:
sudo fdisk -l | eos-sendlog and share the url it gives you

Pc + i did it but nothing has changed

This is what i got after typing the command , i am sorry but don’t know what you mean by lvm and ldm , it is gonna be hard to help since my English and knowledge in these things

I do se two hard drives and one USB drive, and none have the freed space… sda has the logical volumes LDM and you may created the free space inside this but Linux csn not read the proprietary filesystem.
Nvme looks like holding win install but is only 500 GB in size no freed space there.
Should there be more drives?

thats the LDM drive where you may have some sort of subvolumes but as they are handled by the LDM linux can not access these to install system onto it.
In the state of partition and setup it is not possble to install linux on this drive.

the windows system partition is this:
to install linux here aside from windows it could be possible to install aside, but it will create a new ESP as the one from windows is only 100MB (EFI System) it would shring space from the /dev/nvme0n1p3 465,1GB Partition to create the two needed Linux Partitions. but in cas eyou do something wrong it can happen that you render windows unbootable backups are recommended at any time(disclaimer).

can’t risk it and install linux on the same drive with windows…so should i give up trying ?


The purpose of this post is to be solely informative.
Please make your own research before implementing the procedure in the posted link.
Make sure you know all the implications of implementing the method described in the link.

:bangbang: Under no circumstances, can I be hold responsible if something goes wrong with your disk or your data.

  • Perhaps you could ask on a Windows/Microsoft forum to know the implications of converting your dynamic disk to a basic disk.

  • If you opt for converting your LDM disk to a basic disk, backup all your data on all the existing volumes on the disk .


:point_up_2: this could work…
I mean, backup the game data before indeed is needed …

But not possible with not using the windows hard drive or with having the LDM intact as it is now.
The setup is a dedicated proprietary setup, not open to install Linux side by side with it…