Can't find the $TEMP environment variable

I am trying to install something, but it uses the /tmp folder, which has not enough free space. The following env. variables were empty: TMP, TEMP, TMPDIR, TEMPDIR. Could someone tell me what is the variable called? If it does not exist, then how to change the temp directory from /tmp to another one?

Might have to try and look what could be removed from /tmp or erase it altogether and create symbolic link to somewhere else, otherwise it might be impossible.

Got that from here:

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Can not remove the file: rmdir: failed to remove '/tmp': Device or resource busy . Closed everything, even rebooted, but can’t delete it.

See the Arch wiki page on tmpfs:

The tmpfs can also be temporarily resized without the need to reboot, for example when a large compile job needs to run soon. In this case, run:

# mount -o remount,size=4G,noatime /tmp


Thank you!!! Worked perfectly.

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