Can't find the option for 'No CA certificate needed' in KDE Plasma WiFi settings

So this is a stupid question so I apologise greatly for any annoyance. I am having trouble connecting to my school’s/college’s WiFi. So I know that apart from the obvious user and password (which I do know), I need to set the Security field as ‘WPA/WPA2 Enterprise’, Authentication field as ‘Protected EAP (PEAP)’, PEAP version fied as ‘Automatic’ and Inner authentication field as ‘MSCHAPv2’. Though the problem is with the CA certificate field: I can’t find an option regarding ‘No CA certificate needed’ or something similar and it is really confusing me; I had a long look online on other forums but none were using KDE/KDE Plasma. Sorry if I am being dumb and I greatly thank anyone who knows and replies.

Thank you for your time,

Best to check with your schools IT dept what is required as far as their security protocols are concerned.

Ah OK, thank you!

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