Cant fast clicking

Hello everyone, such a problem, I can’t quickly click with the mouse, to be more precise, double-clicking also doesn’t work, I can’t click more than 10 clicks per second, the graphical shell is KDE

Maybe your mouse is broken. Who knows? Certainly not me.

I don’t have anything on KDE requiring double click as the default settings are for single click to open items. Secondly i can click as fast as i can which is limited really and i have no issues. Why would anyone need 10 clicks per second unless this is in some first person game?

for concepts, google the type of click - drag click, and generally niksk can not use this type of click, on old versions of ubuntu like 20.04 everything works, double clicks calmly pass, on Windows the same way.

Sorry I don’t understand this concept of doing this and the purpose. :man_shrugging:

A quick internet search suggests this might be because libinput enabled debounce protection by default a few years ago. Debounce protection is meant to ignore spurious mouse clicks caused by mice that are failing or otherwise misbehaving. It ignores fast, repeated clicks.

You can disable this protection; it may or may not be the solution to your problem.

First, run the following command, and find your mouse in the list:

sudo libinput list-devices | grep Device

You will need to use the exact name of your mouse as listed here in the following steps.

Then, create the following file:


Paste the following contents into the file, changing mouse_name to the actual name of your mouse (found in the first step):

[Disable Mouse Debounce Protection]

For example, Iwhen I run sudo libinput list-devices | grep Device, I see my mouse listed as Device: Logitech M510.

I would then create a file called local-overrides.quirks in the /etc/libinput/ directory with the following contents:

[Disable Mouse Debounce Protection]
MatchName=Logitech M510

It is possible to do this differently, and disable debounce protection for any and all mice, but you are probably better off disabling it just for the specific mouse you are using.

Save the file, log out/in, and see if your furious clicking now works. If it still does not work, you can simply delete the local-overrides.quirks file you created and you will be back where you started.


I don’t even understand the issue that the OP is referring. :man_shrugging:

I do.


I notice that but the explanation of the issue doesn’t mean much to me. Would have to see it in action I guess.


how to choose my mouse from all of the above? (my mouse is bloody a6)

just cant double clicking (in deepin, double click working, ant others os, windows, ubuntu 20.04 and older)

That does complicate matters. You could try using MatchName=COMPANY USB DEVICE, or you could try disabling the filter for all mice by using the following contents for the file:

[Disable Mouse Debounce Protection]

That may work, or it may not.

ON THE OTHER HAND - I may have misunderstood your issue. In the original post, you state:

So I thought you meant that very fast multiple clicks were not registering.

But in the post directly above this one, you seem to suggest that it’s just that double-clicking doesn’t work:

If the only issue is that you cannot open files with a double-click, but a single click works, you can change that at System Settings > Workspace > Workspace Behavior > General Behavior – change “Clicking on files or folders” from “Opens them” to “Selects them” then click the Apply button.

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me not to open files, but in general for clicks, and first variant, disable mouse protection, doesn’t work.

Sorry, that was my best guess. Good luck, I hope you find a solution.

sorry me, this is work!! thanks you!

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