Can't Execute Rmod or Mkinitcpio

I’ve been trying to use these 2 commands but all i get is “command not found”

That is because we use dracut, not mkinitcpio.

Can you explain what you are trying to do?

The command sudo dracut-rebuild does roughly the same thing as sudo mkinitcpio -P but to give you better advice we would need to understand why you were running mkinitcpio in the first place.

I’ve been trying to install this ds4drv

i accidentally had cleared the terminal but it asked me to do
rmod uinput and modprobe uinput

It is probably supposed to rmmod not rmod

That being said, using sudo pip install is pretty much inviting disaster on an arch-based system so if you followed those instructions you may already be in a tough spot.

oh, well then idk what is happening with my controller, for some reason my PC doesn’t pick it up first try.
I Hear Controllers on Linux are easy to set up but im just having headaches