Can't edit pacman.conf

Just installed EndeavourOS with Gnome, and trying to add a repo to my pacman.conf.
It seems to be a read-only file though. How would I actually go by editing it?

Reason is I’m following this guide to install stuff specific to my laptop

Thank you :slight_smile:


Are you trying to edit it using a graphical editor or a cli editor?
You need root privileges to edit pacman.conf file.
If you want to edit it using nano use:

sudo nano /etc/pacman.conf

and then make changes and save the file.


Or just install those packages from the AUR, without adding a third-party repo.

Both asusctl and supergfxctl are there, as well as the G14 kernel (which you probably don’t need).

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Thank you that worked!

The page says “Packages like asusctl-git from AUR aren’t supported.”

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Yeah, of course they’re going to say that. They want you to add their repo.

Personally, I wouldn’t (at least not without first trying the AUR packages), but it’s your system.


Ahh…this would concern me:

SigLevel = DatabaseNever Optional TrustAll

This was a good read. Nice work @dalto !! It would be great if it were in the :enos: wiki. This sort of information is important. I didn’t know before.


Yeah, it looks very fishy.

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Well crap, I’m an idiot. Sorry I’m brand new to the Linux space lol.
How would I go by removing it now that I’ve installed it haha.

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Even though you got your solution, how to edit your pacman.conf as root, I would be really careful which repos you stick in there, IMHO.

Ok I removed most things:

  • Deleted repo from pacman.conf
  • sudo pacman -R asusctl
  • sudo pacman -R supergfxctl
  • sudo pacman -R linux-g14 linux-g14-headers
  • sudo grub-mkconfig -o /boot/grub/grub.cfg

Not sure how I would undo this:

After adding the repo run a full system update before you go to install tools from the repo:
pacman -Suy

this is wrong, the right command is sudo pacman -Syu

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You already did by removing the packages.

if you install packages with dependencies, you can remove the package and the dependencies with the following command:

pacman -Rs package_name

Screenshot 2022-04-24 at 01-06-25 pacman - ArchWiki

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Oooooh I get it, that’s the command to just update the actual EndeavourOS?

I would recommend you to read these two wiki posts

Thank you all very much. I have had an issue with installing base Arch, and then moving to EndeavourOS, and had an issue literally every step of the way. Just now I had to learn to fix bluetooth because my UE Boom wouldn’t get sound, and my headphones would disconnect immediately (all fixed now I think by switching to pulseaudio instead of pre-installed pipewire!)

I really appreciate everybody’s help and knowledge in regards to this pacman.conf situation