Can't conect to the to the internet

Now this happened back a while ago I upgrade the usual using sudo pacman -Syu and then with yay after rebooting I was never able to connect to Wifi Or use wired connection again I am writing this on another Machine don’t know what I could do to trouble shoot and get to the heart of the problem anyone with any suggestions I assume I could charoot in to upgrade but that is a little beyond my capability

To get the ball rolling on troubleshooting, here’s a few thoughts.

  1. If the LTS kernel is installed already, boot using it and see if WiFi / LAN work (but if it’s already installed, I expect you’ve already tried this). If it’s what you’re already using, then try the standard kernel!

  2. Provide us with the boot log, I think ideally with your LAN cable connected while it boots. You might need to copy this via USB to your working system. This command will output it to a text file on your desktop so it can be copied off.
    journalctl -k -b -0 > ~/Desktop/bootlog.txt

  3. Provide details of your system hardware. I was going to request network hardware info only, but in the absence of much other information, this might help save a bit of time later:
    inxi -Fxxc0z > ~/Desktop/hardware-info.txt

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