Can't chroot into luks encrypted BTRFS

I have the following issue:

  1. I have a Luks BTRFS encrypted system (Fully encrypted, through the Calamares install).
  2. All was working great until I have had MANUALLY a swapfile to the installation. Swapfile was not in s specific subvolume. It was working, but I discovered 2 weeks later (today) that Timeshift has stopped to create Snapshots.
  3. After digging I saw that this can happen with Timeshift when the Swapfile is NOT on a specific subvolume, so I first deleted the Swapfile then check that Timeshift was working again. It was.
  4. Then … my error it seems: I recreated the Swapfile in a @swap subvolume. I also edited manually the etc/fstab to add it.
  5. Now I can’t boot. I can decrypt, arrive to the Grub, choose my Kernel, and… get the following:
[FAILED] Failed to mount /swap
[FAILED] Dependency failed for Local Files System
{FAILED] Dependency failed for /swap/swapfile
[FAILED] Dependency failed for Swaps

And that’s it.
So I have boot on live usb with the last Artemise version, but I just ONLY see the live USB when I sudo/fdisk -l There is no partitions for my system !!!

So I decided to format and re-install EOS… same issue: when I begin Calamares it does not see the encrypted SSD hardisk, can’t format it, can’t install EOS !!

Even Gparted from the live environment only sees the live USB, Nothing else.

Any idea ??? I feel really in the black here…

A couple things

  • Have you reformatted yet? If not, it shouldn’t be needed.
  • Usually, when you make a problematic change to /etc/fstab, it fails to boot and offers you a maintenance prompt. You should be able to log in with root password and edit your fstab from the TTY.

Does installes system give you a shell? You should be able to get root shell by typing root password.

Hi @dalto , no I have not reformated (as I wrote I can’to do it as gparted does not even see the disk ;-). I can give the root password and enter a root prompt,… and YES !!! It works.
I could edit the fstab and get rid of the swap entry. Thanks !


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