Can't Change Maliit Virtual Keyboard Theme

I’ve been using the Maliit Virtual Keyboard with the BreezeDark them with KDE Plasma since 5.21 on KDE Neon. I switched to EndeavourOS when KDE 5.25 was released. Setting the theme in Maliit worked fine for the first couple of 5.25 point releases, then stopped working completely. Now I’m stuck with the default white Maliit theme, even though I’m using a dark Plasma theme.

I check in dconf-editor, and the BreezeDark theme is clearly set for Maliit, but it is not working. I also changed it to Arc-Dark, and that did not work either. Is there something wrong with EndeavourOS’ Maliit package?

Can confirm the same issue on Arch. Doesn’t seem to be Endeavour related.
gsettings monitor shows the theme changes, but maliit seems to ignore them.

Thank you for confirming this! I was a little disheartened when no one else responded for weeks.

I posted this on the Maliit Github. Your post prompted me to check it. There seems to be a “fix” for this: