Can't boot into windows after WSL install. (Previously had Win10 and EnOS as dualboot)

Well the title basically explains the problem. I’m a light linux user and Arch-based distros overall. For work I needed to install docker and docker engine to run containers. I was hoping to do it from EnOS, but after looking at the documentation in the Arch wiki, the installation process seemed too complicated for me and because the installation had to be done quickly for me to start working, I just switched to Win10 and ran wsl --install in Powershell. After rebooting I just got blue screen :(.

Probably this question should go on a Win10 forum but probably here the solution could come up faster. Is there anything I could do to fix this?? I need my computer back with Win10 asap for work.

I have been using WSL for almost a year. Never happened to me. I even have multiple Linux distros in WSL and I’m able to boot in all of them.

I had the default install of WSL, in windows. EnOS was installed on a separate partition on my system.
don{t know if I was clear sorry :slight_smile:

We need more details.
You said you have both eos and windows on your computer
Are you able to boot into either windows or Eos?
What does it show on the screen?

Maybe enable virtualization on the bios if it exists.
WSL shouldn’t cause BSOD.

I had duabloot with Windows10 and EnOS. (Disk was partitioned)
Because of work and simplicity decided to install WSL, when the install was complete i rebooted my system.

After the reboot and on GRUB selecting windows10 to open it, blue screen appeared.

I think it is related to having two linux distros? but still disk was partitioned soo idk

WSL isn’t a separate distro, it exists in your windows installation. You have to run it from powershell. It is a hypervisor or a virtual machine.
Are you able to boot into eos?
Can you share a picture of your screen when you boot into windows?

Yes, EnOS is booting as usual.

If hypervisor is Hyper-v on windows10 i don’t have it currently because of my win10 version (windows home). but a teammate had no problem installing WSL in Windows Home as well.

As for the WSL. I wasn’t even able to test it beacuse after the fresh install I could’t boot into windows. so no processes were ran with WSL that I know of (idk if something in the WSL runs at boot time or something)

No you have to enable windows subsystem on linux in windows optional features.

You haven’t followed instructions well so you have probably messed up somewhere.

No it doesn’t.

I don’t think people here have any idea about your main issue. You haven’t given us enough details.
Windows forum/ support might be better places to get help.

WSL is simple to setup and use. I don’t know of anyone who had BSOD after installing WSL.

Yeah you are right. You just gave me the answer i guess. That step just was not part of the official Microsoft documentation on installing WSL.

Thanks @sradjoker !

The current instructions are for Win 11. Win 11 has better integration and support for WSL.
You have to follow these instructions for Win 10.

Step1: :sweat_smile:

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