Cant boot into BSPWM

Hey all! I just installed Endeavour on a VM, I chose the bspwm community edition. However, I cant boot into bspwm. I restarted after the install and I’m stuck in XCFE. I am really new to arch so there might be something I’m missing, but after a 30 min install I am still stuck because I know I did install bspwm.

I’d just like some help to boot into bspwm and actually use that wm because thats the one I installed. Thanks in advance for the help! <3

Since you are using XFCE4, I assume the Desktop Manager is lightdm.

When you boot up to lightdm, I believe in the upper right corner is a small panel with about 4 icons. Click on the icons until you see where you can change the OS to boot into. You should have choices for XFCE and bspwm. Change to OS of choice then login.

Welcome to the fourm. Thanks for giving EndeavourOS a try. I hope you enjoy your time here.



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could be that you reboot into live-ISO again?


bear in mind that many of us are having issues with the latest kernel (5.12.x) and Window Managers like BSPWM, i3 and dwm.

I run BSPWM as my daily driver, but I never took the time/energy to get it to show up in the drop down in the upper right corner, like Pudge is talking about. When I get to the login screen, I just go to a tty screen (ctrl+alt+f2), login there and type “startx”. It’s not “pretty”, but it works for me.

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Did you compile bspwm from source code?

If you install the bspwm package from community repo, that option in dropdown is added automatically. Its also there in EndeavourOS bspwm edition.

Edit: Screenshot from a VM install I did today morning

No, this was just via the instructions on the wiki, long before the community edition. I’m sure it would be easy enough for me to fix, but I don’t mind how it works currently.

PS. I still owe you that VM install, I didn’t forget. I just have to get these kids sleeping in longer stretches and at the same time


probably reboot into live iso . @joekamprad point out . no use vm in sometime try remove EOS iso

edit . Welcome to EndeavourOS BTW :innocent: :vulcan_salute:


Ah no problem :sweat_smile: That install was done for a different purpose. Didn’t destroy it since I’m not running low on storage space or anything.

i do a vm install 15 minutes ago without any issue too here, could be an issue with GPU/Drivers/Kernel currently all a mess ( a bit, i do not have any issues with all of this Nvidia drivers working too here)

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ahh ok, I also had to rebind my terminal key but everything is good now!
Thanks, I am only used to KDE so I didn’t know how ot change wm’s/DE’s on xfce


Thanks for the warm welcome everyone, means a lot to have a supportive community!
Thanks for the screenshot @flyingcakes, really helped!

After I finish ricing bspwm and get more comfortable with the Arch environment on my VM, I’ll also switch to Endeavour on my laptop which is now running Kbuntu :3


I would be interested to know what issues you are having with 5.12 in DWM. My DWM seems OK with the latest 5.12. Perhaps I’m not looking closely enough.

if you can log in then you don’t have the issue we’re having. Are you using EnOS or Arch?

Arch. Thanks.