Can't apply splash screen

I was making a custom splash screen and everything is working fine but i don’t know what happened i can’t apply splash screens, the button greys out. Even with other splash themes i downloaded from the store.
I tried rebooting and installing plasma again but didn’t work. Is there any way to unbug this ? Can i apply the theme from the terminal ?

Does the button activate if you click on a different splash screen first?

Nope. That’s the problem.

You could check sddm

That is odd.

You can certainly set it manually.

The setting should be in /etc/sddm.conf or in a file in /etc/sddm.conf.d

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Those settings are for sddm and there is nothing there about the splash screen :frowning:


HaltCommand=/usr/bin/systemctl poweroff
RebootCommand=/usr/bin/systemctl reboot



Right, that is because I gave you completely the wrong information. :scream:

Probably because that problem is common on the sddm screen.

The splash screen settings are in ~/.config/ksplashrc

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The arch wiki link I posted above says that you can change your background in your theme config file


“To override settings in the theme.conf configuration file, create a custom theme.conf.user file in the same directory. For example, to change the theme’s background:”




File content


Right, but you are making the same mistake I made. He isn’t trying to change his sddm theme or background. He is trying to change the plasma splash screen.

Ok thought that sddm the login manager drives that.

I may misunderstand splashscreen.

The splash screen is the little animated display that comes up after you login and before you get to the desktop.

As far as I can tell, it serves no practical purpose and may actually slow down how long it takes to load the desktop. To be fair, I haven’t timed it though.

Thanks. I now understand what was the problem. I renamed the theme after i completed it and the path inside .config/ksplashrc was wrong. I changed it to a proper theme name and it fixed everything. Now i can apply other themes if i want too

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For me it shows for about a second. It depends on how fast the computer is. In my older one it would take a few seconds XD

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