Can't add new themes or icons

I have a lot of themes in usr/share/themes and a bunch of icons in usr/share/icons yet I can’t find them in the control center to switch between themes

Define a lot :slight_smile:

ls -la /usr/share/themes
ls -la usr/share/icons

omg, deepin.
I am out,
which version?
for other helpers.

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lol I clicked on this then realized it was in the Deepin section too

Good luck OP, I’ve never had much luck customizing Deepin. Maybe the EOS version is easier to work with if that’s what you’re on

Deepin is really broken at the moment, and in a state of flux. I highly recommend that you use a more stable DE until it settles down, like XFCE or Cinnamon. If you are wanting something that looks really pretty then Cinnamon can do that, with a Dock added like Docky or Plank or Cairo Dock.

Or you can also install Gnome, which Deepin actually is based on.

I do not think that it is the way deepin is build. Deepin uses their own themes and also icons to choose, if you go outside this you will not get a consistence look and feel … I do a fresh install and it is not that broken!
But we have messages about that it will get screwed on updating from older installs.

I guess I will give cinnamon a try