Canon Printer only Prints in Grayscale, No Colour

Hello everyone, so it seems I somehow butchered the printer setup on both of my EOS systems and I have no idea where to start looking for a solution.

First off: The printer itself is fine. It prints in all colours, so long as I send the print job via any system other than my EOS installations. It prints in colour when it gets the job from Windows, Android, iPadOS, and iOS, just when I send it from my EOS laptops, it just will not print any colour.

As for the model of the printer: It’s a Canon Pixma MX 925.

For some reason, whenever I try to print something, grayscale is pre-selected in the printer options. I changed it to CMYK in the global settings before, but it just doesn’t seem to care. Even when I change to it to CMYK for this specific print job, it just ignores the setting and prints everything in grayscale.

I don’t know what info I could provide you that would help you figure out what’s wrong, so I’m hoping you could tell me what you need to help me fix this. I’ve had a working printing setup on Linux before (with Manjaro back then), but I don’t know that I did anything differently this time.

Please help. :frowning:

What does “Set Default Options” show for the printer at CUPS admin at localhost:631 or the System-Config-Printer application?
Perhaps default is set to monochrome or greyscale, etc., instead of color?

Not sure how you installed the printer. Did you install this package to set it up from?

Thank you two for replying and excuse my late reply, I typed this just before I went to bed that night – defeated – and I’ve been busy since. I didn’t actually know about that AUR package for the printer. It didn’t occur to me to check for something like it, as EOS offered a few solutions already.

With the package installed and set up as the driver set, printing in colour now works, which is great!

Thank you, solved!


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