Canon printer 6030 driver + python2

Since python2 was ditched out from repository, am unable to install the driver anymore, always get python2 error from AUR, even if i install it with no check flag.
How can i install my printer if a other way exist???


Can you show the exact errors from the AUR, in full detail?

Edit: cups should already be installed on EOS.

Just wondered if you did end up getting the printer working?

@manuel, i’ve got a canon lbp 6030 too, i 've had the same problem to normal build the python2 from the AUR ( i don’t have details, but it failed on 7 tests), after that i run
yay -S python2 --mflags “–nocheck”, and was able to install python2.

@ricklinux, the mini-tutorial you’ve linked is incomplete driver is installled but…), miss a important package “ghostscript”, without it you can’t print something. sometimes i use cndrvcups-lt or cnrdrvcups-sfp, both package install the right driver.

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Please see the AUR page
There is some good help, and you can ask more details if needed.

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hm wondering why it should need python2 at all …
the package that brings in the need for python2 is but I can see that all of the mentioned AUR builds are hugely outdated and not updated after the removal of python2.

In addition libglade is phased out also:
in 2019 already…
strange that archwiki is recommending to install this:

Dependencies (11)

    atk (atk-git, at-spi2-core)
    cups (cups-noudev, cups-nosystemd, cups-git)
    glib2 (glib2-selinux, glib2-nodocs-git, glib2-git, glib2-patched-thumbnailer)
    gtk2 (gtk2-git, gtk2-minimal-git, gtk2-patched-filechooser-icon-view, gtk2-maemo)
    lib32-gcc-libs (lib32-gccrs-libs-git, lib32-gcc-libs-git)
    libxml2 (libxml2-git)
    popt (popt-git, popt-deb)

depending on libglade and so python2…

And pinned comment there gives the info already:

For an alternative 100% open source driver although not official by Canon, go to:

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Made some test, unfortunately captdriver-git only works with some lbp 2000 and 3000 series, not suitable for 6000 series or…
For now the best way i’ve found to install python2 is :

git clone
cd python2
makepkg -si --nocheck
cd … && rm -rf python2 # Remove folder

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