Cannot suspend

Help! I have a strange issue.

When I close the lid of my laptop it does not suspend. I get a notification error like this:

My suspend button also disappeared… :frowning:

sudo systemctl suspend throws this error Call to Suspend failed: Sleep verb 'suspend' is disabled by config

Everything was working up to ca. 2-3-4 weeks ago. I had a suspend-then-hibernate setting that was working nice. As this is not my main laptop after 2-3 times waking to an empty battery it started to be annoying…

What can I try?


Try again

sudo systemctl suspend

Then run this command and see what it shows.

journalctl --since "10 min ago" --grep=suspend

Edit: You could also look through the boot journal and see if you find any pertinent info.

sudo journalctl -b


I’d advise checking if you have any custom config in /etc/systemd/sleep.conf or /etc/systemd/sleep.conf.d.

I’ve been facing the same issue since two or three weeks, on Arch; turns out I had a file named /etc/systemd/sleep.conf.d/hybrid-always.conf which was preventing suspend and suspend-then-hibernate because of obsolete config values.

Removing the file did the trick!

coming here to share the findings: they were of course in the /etc/systemd/sleep.conf

first of all something changed AllowSuspend option as I’ve found it on the no set… :pikachu_face:

second was the SuspendState which had only the option disk :pikachu_face_palm: here I have added the mem option, of course after I’ve checked available states with cat /sys/power/state

now one more question… What is the difference between SuspendState mem and freeze? what are the advantages of the freeze mode?

Thanks again!