Cannot select multiple files in nautilus with Ctrl + mouse click

I don’t know what I did but after reinstalling Gnome I can’t select multiple files using the control key + left mouse button. I already went to settings > keyboard hotkeys and reset to default, but nothing changed. Is there anything else I can check?

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just reinstalled gnome myself within the last hour, and noticed exactly the same. havent found a fix either


Thanks for letting me know, sounds like a bug… at least now I won’t try to reinstall everything :relieved:

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same here, i probably would have reinstalled again if it wasnt for your post


so fresh install behave the same and also already installed system?

Just tried to reproduce and it does not happen on an already installed Gnome.

No matter if wayland or xorg too…

Already installed and regularly updated system was working fine. The issue I’m having is with the fresh install (base system + all the software I was using on the previous install)

Ah I see you’re using the grid view, try the list view (it seems the grid view doesn’t have this issue)

yeah, only in list view (ill never understand why some people would use something else)

You are right. Ctrl plus (left) click doesn’t seem to be working in list view on my end either on an already installed system.

As a side note, I always use Nemo on my GNOME:s :blush:
No issue to report there.

Issue reported here

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i see behaves a bit strange indeed… also i can select when marking with the mouse… like you would mark a part of an image … and using shift arrow works too…

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Nautilus always behaves a bit strange :grin:

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just tested with GNOME 44 and there it is working fine…

Gnome devs here say it’s a gtk bug reproducible with the current branch

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indeed downgrading gtk4 is working too…

Fixed upstream at


fixed in the nautilus update that just arrived


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