Cannot seem to copy/paste text between brave and alacritty using right mouse button

Hello, I seem to have lost the ability to copy text into a global clipboard using my right mouse button anymore.

So, I select text from Alacritty and select copy when holding my right mouse button. then, I go into the search bar in Brave, click and then select paste when holding my right mouse button.

Expected behavior: Text that I think I copied form Alacritty should be pasted into the search bar.

Observed behavior: Text from some other copy event is pasted in.

Totally confused. This used to work for me. Any and all helpful suggestions appreciated!

Only way I know to copy out of a terminal is highlight text and hold Ctrl, Shift and C , same with pasting into a terminal. Hope that helps. I dont even get a right click menu in alacrity, it does not have one that I know of.

This belongs more to Alacritty Github pageā€¦

I guess you mean this option:


When set to true, selected text will be copied to the primary clipboard. Default: false

If you would share your config it would be easier to debug. If this issue is still actual.