Cannot remove snapd .mount files

After removing snapd it seems there are still some files left, resulting in multiple errors during the boot process (failed to mount unit for […]). A search led me to /etc/systemd/system where these mount files exist, however, I cannot seem to delete them. ls /etc/systemd/system/ produces:


sudo rm -r /etc/systemd/system/var-lib-snapd-snap-apple\x2dmusic\x2delectron-2.mount results in:

rm: cannot remove '/etc/systemd/system/var-lib-snapd-snap-apple-music-electron-2.mount': No such file or directory

The files are visible in Thunar when not run as root, whilst with root access I cannot see them. Deleting them with Thunar is therefore seemingly impossible as well, so how can I remove these files?

Last but not least, unrelated to the topic, but I do not believe it warrants its own post so I’ll throw it in here: is it possible to automatically resize the terminal window when running something like ncmpcpp, htop or nvim? As DE/WM is perhaps relevant here, I’m on Sway.

Cd into the directory and try it in quotes “var-lib-snapd-snap-apple\x2dmusic\x2delectron-2.mount”

The files do not exist, regardless of where I execute the command from, or whether their path is in quotation marks or not.

What does ls -l /etc/systemd/system/ show?

Wiped the entire drive by now, so I couldn’t tell you. Thanks for the thought though.