Cannot remove orphaned WireGuard tunnel


a few weeks ago I setup a WireGuard tunnel with the AUR package networkmanager-wireguard (or networkmanager-wireguard-git, not sure anymore). A few days ago, it seems the project was abandoned or at least both AUR URLs lead to a 404.

Because the plugin broke anyway (I think because of a Network Manager update) I uninstalled the AUR package.

Today I noticed I am still routing all my traffic over this interface (confirmed via traceroute). When I run sudo wg show I get:

interface: [NAME]
  public key: [KEY]
  private key: (hidden)
  listening port: 39154
  fwmark: [FW]

peer: [PEER]
  preshared key: (hidden)
  endpoint: [IP]
  allowed ips:, ::/0
  latest handshake: 11 seconds ago
  transfer: 26.98 MiB received, 2.99 MiB sent

I usually remove interfaces with sudo wg-quick down [NAME], but this doesn’t work: wg-quick: '/etc/wireguard/[NAME].conf' does not exist

What can I do to remove this interface? I thought about manually creating a /etc/wireguard/[NAME].conf file with the same settings and then using sudo wg-quick down [NAME] but I’m not sure if that would work or make things worse.

I couldn’t find a command on Google on how to just kill all WireGuard tunnels. Just restarting the system doesn’t help either, the tunnel gets applied on boot. I also cannot reinstall the plugin and remove it from GUI because the plugin is a) broken and b) removed from the AUR.

Please help :slight_smile:

PS: If anyone knows a replacement for networkmanager-wireguard, that would be highly appreciated. Everything I find on Google seems to reference this now dead project. But I would really like to toggle my WireGuard Tunnel on and off via the GNOME VPN integration…

WireGuard is now supported natively by Network Manager which is probably why the configuration is persisting - have a look at your config, or under /etc/NetworkManager, or nm-connection-editor.

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Awesome, nm-connection-editor worked! I was able to remove the connection there.

Good to hear that WireGuard is now natively supported! But how do I turn a connection on and off? When I create new WireGuard connection in the Network Manager, I would have assumed it would show up in the GNOME VPN section, so I can turn it on and off in the system settings on the top right of the screen (where the WiFi is etc). And it nm-connection-editor there only seems to be a switch to disable automatic connecting. But I can’t find a simple on / off switch. How does this work? Is there an addon I need to install to get it working in GNOME?

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Although i have no experience with WireGuard there is wireguard-tools in the AUR. Here is an older article if it is any help with links to

@ricklinux Cheers, will look into that!

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