Cannot play MTS files in with VLC 3.0.13

Can no longer play MTS files in VLC 3.0.13. The issue showed up in VLC 3.0.12, but may have been earlier because do not update daily.

Can someone else try to play an MTS file to confirm?

This issue occurred a few years back as well, and was randomly fixed before I got along to posting about it. Once confirm the bug will post on VLC forum or submit a VLC bug report.

Do you have a link to an mts file?

MTS files work with Celluloid player. They don’t seem to work for me either on VLC but i just tried a few samples downloading them.

if remember right you need convert MTS files for use on vlc . i no use vlc for long times , if remember right it have built in converter .

I also had problems with 3.0.13. Now 3.0.14 has come out. Problems with them. Not the same flow when you skip in the movie. Hacks and stuff. Rolled back to 3.0.12 that works for me.

Not often I have problems with VLC otherwise.