Cannot login after lock


I just installed EOS with Plasma, most everything works ok, however I cannot lock the screen at all, if I do it seems to go into a different screen and won’t take my password, just says it’s wrong.
From there if I try to change user, it goes to sddm and takes my password but never logs in, just spins, then eventually just seems to freeze.

I can go back with ctrl+alt+F1, but it goes to the same issue.

Logging out does not present the problem.

The install is pretty new, besides nvidia drivers, steam and a few other things, I haven’t really touched much else, I would love to avoid a reinstall though, especially if the problem is known.

welcome @QuarkZ and it is not a known issue i know of … could be related to an issue on calamares where it screws up your locale settings …

could you show your locale setting?
cat /etc/locale.conf | eos-sendlog

Hello, here’s the result


so your locales are fine… let me check if this happens on my plasma install also…
what could happen is also that may numlock gets on while lock the screen?

i do not have strange layout used on lockscreen… it has exactly the same layout as inside plasma session

I do not use numpad to put my password. Also the fact that even sddm locks out when i try to switch user from that lock screen seems to indicate some other issue than simply a bad password, even if indeed my keyboard was all scrambled.

but you could check if keyboard layout is okay on the lockscreen by pressing “show password” and put zy an others to see if they are not screwed.

if not … it comes up from time to time like here:

I did do that and the password shows correctly, I will try your link, thanks!

All in all, I just disabled it since I don’t really lock my machine, but it still bugs me :slight_smile:

Then check the logs for more detailed messages

journalctl -b -p3

or other filter that will help find the issue.
man journalctl :wink: