Cannot load display, stuck on `reached target graphical interface after update`

During the update my system hung up, I had to restart manually. After the restart, I could not boot. I did chroot and installed and updated Linux kernel and it worked. But now it’s getting stuck at Reached graphical interface.
I have posted some logs here. I reverted back to using nouveau too, but it’s not working. Please help!
I even switched to sddm just in case.

When using the latest Nvidia drivers

Nvm no replies. I reinstalled the system. I could not get it to work.

Have a bit if patience, most people will only respond if they have a suggestion or answer and sometimes are busy with life. I would suggest trying to downgrade but I’m not sure if this is possible after a fresh install

Sorry I couldn’t wait. I had to work and I got frustrated debugging the whole day. Nothing worked. My nvidia driver was acting weird and I had the performance issue since past month. I guess reinstalling cleaned up and was a good thing for me :sweat_smile:.

I think a lot of us have been in this place before, sometimes its just easier. Good to see you managed to get your system going again.

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Same issue after the update today. This is getting annoying.

Problem seems to be caused by nvidia would you be able to try this?

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you mean update the system using chroot?

I can’t even change the tty. Its blinking continuously. When I try to switch tty, it goes back to main tty and continues blinking.
Logs [[](]([](

Updating the system is not working. I reinstalled nvidia and rebuilt dracut-rebuild.

What can I do? I tried changing the Linux to lts version. It is still stuck.

In this moment, I am really worried about using the endeavoros :disappointed:. I cannot use my laptop just depending on this OS. Gonna use Debian for a while which will be my first time btw.

I am gonna play around on a USB or a vm to test around Nvidia mostly. This is too volatile for daily work and stuffs.

Sorry you feel this way about an Arch-based OS, especially the easiest-to-use one for most users.

That being said, there are indeed other distros that are more suited for Linux beginners and intermediates. Debian isn’t really one of them.

So, instead, I’d recommend trying one of the ones listed below. After you’ve had a year or two of using them and getting used to how Linux works in general, then you can come back and try out something Arch-based again.

One of the main differences between an Arch-based distro and those listed below is that you get the most up-to-date apps when using something Arch-based. While on the others, you are likely to use apps that have long-term support, so they may not have all the latest and greatest features.

  • Linux Mint / Linux Mint Debian Edition (LMDE)
  • Kubuntu / KDE Neon
  • MX Linux
  • Xubuntu / Lubuntu

All the best in your EndeavourOS! :vulcan_salute: :enos_flag: :wave:

Sorry that came out of frustration. I am a long time arch user. It’s been more than 7 years already. Jumped from arch to Manjaro and endeavor. Loved endeavor, it’s not the OS issue prolly and the NVIDIA stuff is getting frustrating at times. I know I should have dig in more, but when you rely your primary OS for work, I realized I had to go for a more stable lts Linux version.That is the reason I went for Debian.
Will still continue endeavor but as a secondary one.

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