Cannot Install Protontricks through AUR

Hey all. I am trying to install Protontricks from the AUR by using yay -S protontricks, but it just fails each time I try. From the 404 errors that the terminal is returning, I would guess that some of the dependencies it needs for protontricks to be installed are un-available/offline. Does anyone know a work-around for this, or perhaps another method for getting the latest version of protontricks besides this one on the AUR?
Screenshot from 2020-10-28 19-58-42

Have you updated your system recently?

Update, then try again.

Looks like that did the trick, thanks! It’s odd though as I already did an update earlier today, but I guess something else must have received an update in the short time frame since then.

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Yes, python-nose, the dependency you couldn’t download, got updated just a few hours ago.

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btw, you can use winetricks directly too, protontricks is pretty much a wrapper :slight_smile: