Cannot install EOS, hung up on partitioning

I’m trying to install the other DEs from EOS to check them out, and am running into an issue that hasnt happened when I first installed a dual-boot XFCE EOS.

I select install alongside option, the one to shrink other partitions in order to install EOS. This time, even if trying to partition 20gb out, with any DE option, this link shows the error I get right out of the gate:

Thoughts? Thanks

Hard to say from just that error but my best guess would be that you didn’t disable “fast startup” in Windows so that ntfs volume is marked as dirty.


I’ll give it a shot a bit later, thanks. I do remember disabling fast startup in bios before ever installing EOS, but maybe I need to formally exit my Windows session which is probably hibernating.

That is probably “fast boot” which is totally different.

“fast startup” is a Windows setting, not a BIOS setting.


the log could say more…

but i am sure it is what dalto say… fast boot and ntfs is “unclean” so it doe snot permit changes.


Ah, gotcha. I’ll report back if everything goes smoothly later!

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