Cannot install 2024.04.20 on Insprion 7415

So I’ve used Endeavour on this laptop previously, so I know it SHOULD work. I also was able to install Neon successfully so I know the hardware is ok. I’ve tried 3 installs of Endeavour and all failed with a completely useless error “Failed to run script”.

Forgot to mention, I also have redownloaded the ISO, and checked the hash to verify it’s good.

I uploaded the logs to

Use different usb ? Also prior to installation, delete the partition on your nvme where you wish to install Endeavour OS instead.

I’d deleted the entire everything on the nvme (dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/nvme0n1 count=100). Given the hash checks out, and usbimager says it matches after the write, confident the USB is good.

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Try an older ISO ? Galileo Neo ?

To get older iso(s) see here: Where to get older EOS releases? - #5 by joekamprad

Oh, that might just work, that’s what I had been trying to find to try but had been unable to. Thanks for the link!!

Currently you can not untag welcome in packages, there is a dependency of it needed in scripts… you can remove it after booting into I stalled system later.

If it’s required for the system, why is it able to be unselected for installation? That doesn’t seem…logical.

Worked though, had to re-enable it and then it installed.

That’s a Bug … not a feature. In next release you will get able to unselect without issues again.

Ok, THAT makes more sense then.

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And worked on getting it set up after getting off work today. autofs is crashing when attempting to build, but there’s already someone posted about it on the aur page, so I worked around it.

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