Cannot import openVPN configurration in system settings

Hi all,

i am unable to import any vpn conf file in the network manager, i am on kde Plasma using the default system settings. openvpn and networkmanager-openvpn are both installed. When i uninstall these, i get an error activating a dummy connection (service couldt start) though when both packages are installed and i try to import an .ovpn file, the dialog closes and nothing happens, no error message or such…
Is this a bug, or am i doing something wrong?

Kind regards :slight_smile:

hmm does not look like a general BUG with EndeavourOS.
Could be related to latest Network Manager updates or missing polkit manager ?

hmm, i have polkit, polkit-kde-agent and polkit-qt5 installed!

no problem here importing openvpn setup files…
The import window closing immediately too but it adds the connection…

[joe@kde-plasma ~]$ yay -Qs vpn
local/networkmanager-openconnect 1.2.8-2
    NetworkManager VPN plugin for OpenConnect
local/networkmanager-openvpn 1.10.2-1
    NetworkManager VPN plugin for OpenVPN
local/openconnect 1:9.01-2
    Open client for Cisco AnyConnect VPN
local/openvpn 2.6.0-1
    An easy-to-use, robust and highly configurable VPN (Virtual Private Network)
local/vpnc 1:0.5.3.r506.r204-2
    VPN client for cisco3000 VPN Concentrators
local/signon-kwallet-extension 22.12.2-1 (kde-applications kde-network)
    KWallet integration for signon framework

and the mighty:
But basically the network settings tool should be all needed to setup and if your setupfile is working it should add the connection and you can use it without any extra setup…

also possible to import file from cli indeed:
nmcli connection import type openvpn file *file*.ovpn

So you can check if issue is the “Gui” or the file itself…

But after system restart there is no vpn profile, so i need to import after each restart