Cannot get flatpak spotify to use gtk theme


I am using the Yaru theme with gnome and I can not get flatpak apps to use the Yaru theme as well.

I have tried these instructions: [How To] Consistent Flatpak Theming in KDE Plasma
as well as these instructions: with the Yaru theme copied to $HOME/.themes

I have even installed the Yaru theme in flatpak:

# flatpak list                  
Name                       Application ID                            Version                   Zweig       Installation
Spotify                    com.spotify.Client                    stable      system
Freedesktop Platform       org.freedesktop.Platform                  21.08.10                  21.08       system
Mesa                       org.freedesktop.Platform.GL.default       21.3.5                    21.08       system
openh264                   org.freedesktop.Platform.openh264         2.1.0                     2.0         system
Yaru Gtk Theme             org.gtk.Gtk3theme.Yaru                                              3.22        system

But flatpak spotify still uses a dark theme:

What am I missing?

Nothing. Spotify flatpak is working as the developer intended. The black interface is Spotify’s “branding” if you will, so it has always been black like that regardless of whatever theme you use. If you really want to change the Spotify interface (not the theme, that will only change the title bar of the flatpak essentially), you can check out something called Spicetify here:


Thanks for the info, @Scotty_Trees
This is a pity.

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