Cannot edit network connections with settings (gnome)

Hi there! I am trying to configure manually a vpn with the settings menou (network manager). I apply the “import from file”, set username and password and when I click add, the settings dialog disappears and nothing adds. Also I cannot set static ip to my wired connection, I put it and the settings menu disappear when I press “apply” without anything applied. I figure out it is a permission issue maybe, because I manage to add a vpn with sudo nmcli commnand as shown here .But again, the only edit which I can do to this vpn connection through network manager (gui) is to remove it. My vpn is cyberghost and I can use it through the apropriate application found in AUR. But I want to be able to manually edit my wired connections (add vpn, set static ip, etc…) with the settings gui of gnome, as I use to do in debian unstable which I came from…

Sorry for my bad english, I am from Greece…

This happens on my end as well.
Let’s see if other users also will report about it .
sounds very much like a :bug:

edit: a similar issue is reported upstream:


The following post links to a page on Gitlab with a solution to this issue:

The proposed solution solved the issue for me.
If something is unclear, please post about it.

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Thanks for the suggestion. It seems it was bug. Fixed with the update for me!

PS. The forum is awesome, so is Endeavour Os! Keep up the good work!


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