Cannot connect to internet on certain wifi networks

Have been an Arch user for many years, but just recently installed EndeavorOS and this is my first post here. Arch is my favorite distro, but I install Linux for quite a few people and need something I can install quickly as the Arch install is a little time consuming. It’s just been a day but so far I like EndeavorOS as it is Arch based and doesn’t seem too bloated. Congratulations on a good distro!
Didn’t find a Networking category at this forum so I’ll post this in the Newbie section. I’m having trouble connecting this laptop to the internet on certain wifi networks. Here is the scenario:

  1. If I boot from the EndeavorOS USB stick used to install the system, the live EndeavorOS connects to the internet as expected via any wifi network.
  2. However, the fresh install of EndeavorOS will not connect to the internet over public wifi network or my smartphone hotspot. The public wifi internet requires authorization over a portal with a login page while of course the smartphone hotspot doesn’t. Trying to connect to the public wifi network doesn’t even get as far as the login page leaving me with a timed out error message, while the hotspot connects to wifi okay but not the internet. Pinging (hotspot connection) gives me:
$ ping
PING ( 56(84) bytes of data.
From icmp_seq=9 Destination Net Unreachable
  1. No problem connecting to internet over home network.

I think the fact I can connect successfully booting from the USB stick but not from the fresh install should eliminate a lot of possibilities and maybe offer clues to anyone who knows the EndeavorOS install process well. It is the same computer, but there seems to be something different between the live EndeavorOS on the USB stick and and the OS it installs. Not sure what that could be except the hostname.
Thanks for any help!

Can you check the openssl version in use on the installed version.

Is this a case of these public wifi networks will show a screen or dialog with some text and maybe legalese, perhaps with a checkbox for “I agree” or similar, when using another operating system?

Before your recent install of EOS, was Arch or Linux on your computer and working on these public wifi networks?

EOS’s Apollo (last version) introduced a firewall - I’m not sure if that’d be in the way or not.

Thanks for replies. For nadb’s question:

pacman -Ss openssl
core/openssl 1.1.1.o-1 [installed]
    The Open Source toolkit for Secure Sockets Layer and
    Transport Layer Security

To andrewb’s question the public wifi networks should show a screen exactly as subscribed but in my case the login page with that dialog never appears, only a connection timed out error message. I installed EOS next to OpenSUSE 15.3 and with OpenSUSE sometimes the public networks worked and sometimes not. However, the connection was always okay with my smartphone’s hotspot.
As for the firewall, again I’m looking for something that would be different between the live EOS on the USB drive and the installed EOS. If both use the firewall, I think we can rule that out, unless the firewall is set up differently.
Want to emphasize again this was a fresh install. I had done nothing to it.