Cannot change profile pic in Gnome

The “Open” button in the “Pick a picture” dialogue cannot be clicked, only “Cancel”.

I had no problem 2 mins ago changing the profile picture on pure Gnome you did click on the unlock button on the top right corner.
Or possibly the correct format mine was jpg.

I tried both, but I have not yet installed a photo viewer. Can that be it? Gnome literally can’t process the image?

Edit: I also notice now that Gnome cannot generate any preview thumbs for any file type despite having ffmpegthumbnailer installed.

Not in front of my machine but maybe this package is missing

Think I’m just going to reinstall everything without getting creative.

Something just struck me: Is it possible Linux Hardened messed up something with rights? I have not yet switched kernels after the reinstall this time.

Gnome is not fully compatible with Arch-hardened.

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