Can you use proton for epic games?

I don’t have epic games installed.
My question is, can you play games which are not natively supported?
I want to try fall guys which works with proton ge.
Thank you!

Yes, you can install epic games client in Lutris and then just choose any engine including Proton, see more here on how to think in paradigm of portable engines and wineprefixes:


I’m sorry, I am not a native speaker, and didn’t fully understand you. I have to install epic store → game → and launch from lutris with proton ge?
Thank you!

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Yes, that’s the basic process :+1:

P.S. I’m also not native speaker :upside_down_face:

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The easy anti cheat window shows up, and gets stuck when the blue loading bar completes.
Edit 1: On protondb, users say the game works with proton ge, so for lutris I tried the wine ge custom but doesn’t work.

Well, you haven’t mention which game you want to get, so… :man_shrugging:

EAC is a bit of a problem for Linux, however for some games tehre are ways around it

Edited my reply, and I want to try fall guys
It was on steam, but as it is going free, its only on epic games now.

Have you tried that version specifically GE-Proton7-20?


If you install Fall Guys from Steam.

Sorry, i don’t know never played online games on Linux…
Easy Anti Cheat was a no go some time ago, but now rumor is you can work with it, perhaps someone who knows will come :upside_down_face:

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You think this game provides completely different version from Epic?

Epic Games version may not include required anticheat file, preventing it from working.

EDIT: IT DOES INCLUDE THE FILE. (all caps intended) But you need Proton EAC runtime so Steam is obligatory unless you know how to use EAC runtime outside of Steam.


AFAIK you need these for getting a game using EAC to run:

  • Steam Proton EAC Runtime
  • Compatible Proton version
  • file at a certain location distributed with game
  • Linux enabled in game server

My approach for trying to get Fall Guys running is:

  • Link Steam Account to Epic Account
  • Use Proton GE latest
  • Add Epic Games Launcher as a Non Steam Game
  • Download Fall Guys from EGL (if you have downloaded, you can avoid a redownload, see the ridiculous official method)
  • I don’t think Fall Guys from EGL will have anticheat file distributed so ask r/linux_gaming to send the file. WOW the file is there!!! My hopes are upped now!
  • Apply workarounds from here
  • Cross your fingers :slight_smile:
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You can also check Heroic Games Launcher. They added GOG store recently too.
It’s pretty good and by default it checks the Steam folder for custom proton versions (e.g. Proton GE).

You can also attempt Bottles which has the installer baked in.

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