Can you use Hyprland WM with KDE Plasma on Endeavour OS?

Hey, I’m pretty new but so far I have an unriced uncustomised KDE Plasma(Wayland) on Endeavour, a nice clean slate. Anyways I want to install other WMs besides KWin and use them alongside/with KDE Plasma, at the same time, but I want to use Hyprland. How do I do this? Any help is greatly appreciated.

I dont think you can “mask” kwin and use Hyprland as a display manager like you would on X11 since these things are not separate from each other, you cant piece them together. I may be wrong about that but everything seems to point to that not really being feasible.

I started with using the openbox spin of EoS. Then I added Hyprland and AwesomeWM. I just switch back and forth through the default session manager except for Hyprland which you have to start through the TTY and a wrapper script (recently changed on the hyprland-nvidia-git to using the config file for the environment variables). There are some display managers that do work though and you can edit the hyprland/wayland session file to properly launch hyprland.

Your mileage may vary. Its still in a very early phase and a lot of GTK apps and electron apps have issues and you have to use wayland specific forks of rofi, polybar and other things. For the most part you will have most of your KDE apps available in Hyprland. My suggestion would be to read the wiki, install hyprland, configure it and use it conjunction with KDE. That just makes more sense. If its just the animations that you are interested in, you could use X11, mask kwin (its on the arch wiki under KDE) and then install a fork of picom, like picom-pijulius-git, which has really beautiful animations that are very similar to hyprland.

It is not possible.
Also, neither hyprland nor KDE developers have confirmed that this is possible.

Damn, might as well use i3wm or awesomewm with picom and the other ricin stuff like polybar, rofi n stuff using KDE Xorg instead of Wayland at this point. I’ve seen many many guides on using window managers like i3wm and bspwm in tandem with KDE Plasma. Thaks for your insight, I’ll just stick to i3wm and stuff like that. Also thanks for the suggestion for using the picom fork ‘picom-pijulius-git’, can’t wait to see the animations(bro ngl only thing that drew me in to trying hyprland was the animations but, this fork of picom defeats it) Anyways TY.

Idk man, I’ve seen do it, with KDE Plasma and Hyprland, but I’m gonna leave it, stick to trusty old i3wm or bspwm or awesomewm(I’ll decide later) because @sweet broke down why it would be a pain to try and attempt to use Hyprland and KDE Plasma. And yh if the KDE/Hyprland devs haven’t confirmed it to be possible, that’s a worry. TY for your insight.

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