Can you use global themes (KDE) with LightDM?

This is such a stupid question lol. I know that the log-in differs between SDDM and LightDM in any case, but in installing some different themes, some of the ones I downloaded had me put in my password since they had SDDM themes, and others didn’t.

I’m assuming this just means those specific themes where I got the prompt, I’d need to have SDDM to use, while the ones that didn’t prompt me should be fine. Is that correct? And if that’s the case, would I still be able to use things like the color schemes and application styles while with LightDM, just not the desktop or window layouts?

Very much a stupid question lol but just want to know in case before I accidentally did anything that I’d be annoyed having to fix later.

KDE themes shouldn’t have any impact on lightdm. You need to theme them separately.

I’m guessing it deals with something separate, then?

Just to be clear, kde themes and sddm are not the same. Even it a theme includes an sddm theme, it doesn’t mean you need to use it.

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Ok gotcha! You’re right, it’s working fine. Think I was just a bit confused on the wording. Thank you :slight_smile:

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