Can this be used for gaming?

Hi, can this be used for gaming?

im planning on playing games like: wolfenstein, doom, quake, halo, metro, starcraft, age of mythology, age of empires, war of the ring, zoom platform games, cd games, gog games and etc.

Of course it can!

P.S. Welcome! :partying_face:

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I’ve been playing on Linux for close to 2 years.

So far I’ve only bumped into two games that did not work on Linux. First being Alien Isolation (I did test it recently at it worked great now) and second one being Mass Effect Legendary Edition (and there the issue was the origin launcher, I never got to even try launching the game).

I almost exclusively play through steam though.

Also, if it’s online multiplayer with anticheat Linux is still hit and miss as I understand. I don’t play those games though so…

thank you, glad to be here.

im glad it can.

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i have heard publishers been messing with launchers not working on linux.

publishers did something to do that.

A lot of games work great on Linux, it’s really just certain studios games that don’t. You won’t find Riot, Bungie, or too many Epic games that work.

Welcome to EndeavourOS! Which is “this” in the topic title isn’t it?

Some companies employ insane copy protection which might prefer MacOS or Windows, and nothing could be done about it to use them on any Linux OS. For example those that require the floppy disk or CD/DVD-ROM present in the drive. This was annoying LOL from my very first issue of Computer Music Magazine number 93 which came with the ISO for Propellerhead (now Reason Studios) Rebirth RB338. Had to burn that ISO to a CD, install the program and, before running it, had to make sure the CD was in the drive. It wasn’t needed while using the application, only to begin.

Wine has been amazing but it can’t work wonders for everybody. Right now Debian really sucks about this with their stupid “repacks”. I installed an opened a payware music plug-in inside OpenMPT but only the window frame is shown! How am I supposed to enter the activation code like that?! LOL it might be to help out that company I bought from… Irritating though is that it works as expected on Debian “stable”, and on Arch and anything based on Arch. It should work on Fedora also but I haven’t checked lately, since v37 came out late it has been “punished” for my end. BTW I’m a hobbyist into music production, not a professional engineer nor anything of the sort.

thats good to know.

seems this community much friendlier than the last ones i been in, lol

sure, it can be part of it.

so if i were to switch. what program would you recommend?

what music you working on?

I don’t play games. I wish I could, one MMORPG however required a 45GB download. It’s not going to happen with the slow Internet subscription. Especially twice in this week I got blocked due to DNS problems or some other junk from ISP.

In the main I use OpenMPT which is a freeware music tracker. It could create ancient music modules such as “MOD” format, and it could also use VST plug-ins. However be forewarned it cannot (yet) load VST3 plug-ins! On Linux with Wine, on my system cannot use Kushview Element, only to be able to use VST3. I have to buy Bitwig Studio or REAPER or another of those programs.

I was a registered user of REAPER but for v2 and v3. I use v2.57 which is much better for me than MusE, for example, for what I do. Now that program is too bloated for my taste. I had also purchased RENOISE and have v2.8 at the latest, for Linux as well as for Windows. However I have 64-bit version only for Windows, forgot to get it for Linux also :woman_facepalming: That’s another program I really don’t care about today.

I’m getting into Ardour with Cardinal and other Linux music software but I’m not as comfortable. Also use LMMS but it’s clunky to use and I don’t want to cheese with Zynaddsubfx. Great synthesizer but a bit too CPU intensive. In Ardour could use VST2 and VST3 plug-ins but they have to be Linux format only. Might be able to arrange it through Wine and Carla to be able to use Windows DLL files.

Sometimes Csound is worth programming for but could be quite fiddly. Few people want to conceptualize a text file to be turned into audio, and some of the developers even boldly dared to say the sound quality matched that of Native Instruments Reaktor.
I have also used Schism Tracker, wish that was better with the keystroke shortcuts. OpenMPT could emulate the Scream Tracker trick for ancient Soundblaster FM sounds, the “OPL” thing. But I’m using a different tracker called Furnace available as AppImage, another program I’m fumbling around with keystrokes and unable to do any real music LOL.

Sorry if this is TL;DR. I don’t play games, I like listening to and creating electronic music on my computer. :musical_note: :smiley: :partying_face: