Can’t login after update and reboot, login screen goes black then resets

I’m back again, and my computer again isn’t logging in properly after a general package update. I can get all the way to the login screen, but when I type in my password, the screen goes black for a second before reverting back to the login screen again. I can open a tty session, but I have no idea where to even look to see what’s going wrong.

Update: I think I’ve at least traced the problem to something going wrong with gdm. When I run sudo systemctl restart gdm I get thrown back to the password screen. If I then login it has the same problem, but when I check systemctl status gdm I see something like Gdm: GdmDisplay: Session never registered, failing. I’ve been googling what this means for the last hour, but I have yet to find anything useful.

post a journal

I would, but in the last day or so I figured out the problem anyway. For those interested, QTile sucks now, it isn’t compatible with the latest version of anything so it’s incredibly hard (nay impossible) to build on a machine if you use the current versions of all of its dependencies. I tried everything, different python versions, manually installing everything from tagged git repo versions, using/not using wayland, but nothing worked in the end, it just kept crashing and wouldn’t really give me a clear reason why.

In the end, my (disappointing) answer (for anyone who happens to come across this problem) was to give up and use Sway(FX) instead. Upside is my new rice looks very smooth and has an animated bar, shadows and blur without really any work at all, and nearly all of the config file is compatible with i3.