Can someone explain how do I have to update mirrors?

So there are these tools , both on Ubuntu and mint, how do I update mirrors to have the same outcome that this tool of sorts produces on this distro?

I’m curious, cuz updating mirrors was always a pain cuz without them Sudo apt upgrade never worked properly

We have the eos-welcome app that provides a GUI to update your mirrors. Also comes with a bunch of other useful functions.


There are two sets of mirrors that you may update: Arch (as we are using Arch mirrors directly) and EndeavourOS.

You can update Arch mirrors on the command line (too) with any of the following programs:

  • reflector-simple
  • reflector
  • rate-mirrors

And EndeavourOS mirrors with

  • eos-rankmirrors
  • rate-mirrors

Typically the Arch mirrors may need to be ranked with any the related tools above. The EndeavourOS mirrors are often OK as-is, but maybe that’s not the case in all scenarios.

For more details, look at the help (e.g. reflector --help) option of the apps (if available) or use eos-apps-info program to see more.


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