Can only use 1 ethernet port at a time?

Hi All.

Recently decided to start using Endeavour, and have had a pretty good time with it, however I am having an odd issue. I have two separate Ethernet NICs in my computer, one is connected to my Modem for internet connection and one is connected to my personal home network for my NAS. Both connections show up, and both will claim to be connected, however only one is seems to be valid at any given time. It seems random which one it likes more, so I have to disconnect my local network to use the internet and vice versa depending on which one it prioritized at boot.

A few other things, my connection to my NAS is using a static IP, while the other one is using dhcp. The ethernet I use for my internet is an I225-V, the other is a Realtek RTL8125

Any ideas?

Without knowing how you have configured your network, this is likely just a routing issue. One way to avoid routing traffic via the NAS is to tick this box:


for the NAS-side port, then reconnect.


Ah, that worked perfectly, thank you. I should have known it was a routing issue, but I have never setup anything like this on linux before, only windows.

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