Can nvidia drivers be uninstalled?

Not sure what happened this weekend but unable to use X11 or Wayland. I tried to do the nvidia-inst -n to no avail. I searched to see if there was a clean way to uninstall nvidia and didn’t really find any good guides. Ended up backing up the home directory and just reinstall without installing nvidia.

So does a guide exist?

Can you share pacman -Q | grep nvidia and inxi -Fxxxz

EDIT: Already removed I guess. Too late for help.

I don’t know of a guide but the basics are:

  • Remove any nvidia related config from x11 config files
  • Determine what nvidia packages you have installed
  • Remove those packages all at once

if you watch the output of nvidia-inst -n it would show any error on removal… and it will remove nvidia driver… but if you may create any xorg config you need to remove these could be nvidia-inst was not able to detect…

all gone :wink:

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yeah no errors running nvidia-inst -n but X11 would not start. Tried regen xorg config. Noticed nvidia-drm and nvidia kernel modules were still being loaded, tried to remove all the nvidia stuff but boiled into entropy and I just reinstalled. I should have kept the logs as something on the pacman update went south this weekend and got me in this state. In hindsight I probably should have downgraded the kernel.

When things go south, what is your mitigation? Downgrade the kernel and nvidia?

That’s nothing needed… and if nvidia packages /drivers /modules are still present something was not working when running nvidia-inst… this will remove nvidia drivers and package sand install nouveau open source nvidia drivers and modules… it will fail to start x if you may have still any xorg configs present you simple need to move them out of the way. renaming to do not have .conf at the end p.e.

In short, yes. You can even uninstall the bootloader w/o it caring. :rofl:

I see you already did it the “easy” way.

yes, going to do some needed clean up and just have /home on it’s own drive. That way I can just reformat and reinstall whenever. What I use to do in the good ol’ days back in the late 90s