Can not uninstall nvidia driver

Hey guys. I have a graphics issue with Diablo 4 since yesterday and after running a vram test which turned out ok, I want to try to downgrade my nvidia driver. Nvidia settings and inxi -aG show it as 535 but I can not find any installed nvidia driver in pamac. Are the nvidia drivers not handled by yay/AUR by default? Am I missing something?

Edit: I just found the package is just called “nvidia” or “nvidia-dkms”. Can I just uninstall them and install any nvidia-xxx package instead?

535 is just the current version of the packages nvidia and nvidia-dkms

Nothing is recommended to be handled through the AUR by default as it is not an official repository. Just if you can’t solve your issues with packages from the official Arch or EOS repositories or if you need/want software that’s not available there you should use packages from the AUR.

So, if your problems started after updating nvidia and or nvidia-dkms you can downgrade it as described here:

If it indeed was linked to one or both packages there is the possibility that it will get fixed with the next update.

So, you can downgrade either from your local cache (described under 1.1) or from the Arch archive (1.3).

Thanks for the help, I managed to downgrade with a couple of hickups (had to install flac 1.3). Turns out the latest nvidia drivers causes the texture corruptions on diablo4. Where can I give feedback for that? There is no link to github or AUR on the nvidia package, is it maintained by nvidia directly?

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The AUR has nothing to do with these two packages, they are provided by the default Arch repositories.

Here you could check who of the Arch team is the responsible maintainer:

Technically there is a bug reporting system for Arch. See guidelines:

But in that case you can see that the upstream URL is, meaning your issue could root there. I don’t think Nvidia really cares about Linux gaming issues, so I don’t know if they even have a bug tracker or something like this in place.

If I was you I would just ignore the updates on these two packages until the next version is available.
You can always check the currently available version from the Arch homepage. If the problem is not solved then you can report it here in the forum and see if there is a solution or if others have the same issue.

Edit: just as an information: after looking at the Arch archive it seems that the two packages get updated at least once a month