Can not change wallpaper via "Set as wallpaper" command on image file

I just install Endeavouros i3 today. When I try to set a png file as wallpaper by right-clicking on that file and choose “Set as wallpaper”, it simply does nothing. The Welcome app actually can change the background, but every time I log out/restart, the background change back to the default one. The only way to change background and make it not resetting is manually editing config file to point it to location of the image files.
So my question is is there any way to get the “Set as wallpaper” option work? Or it’s a new bug in current version?

if remember correct Endeavouros i3 use nitrogen for wallpaper. set from that

EDit… it be in i3 config.

# set wallpaper
# exec --no-startup-id sleep 2 && nitrogen --restore
exec --no-startup-id sleep 1 && feh --bg-fill /usr/share/endeavouros/backgrounds/endeavouros-wallpaper.png

look like feh


Thank you for answering. I aware that I can change via i3 config file. I’m just wondering can I just right-click on image file and select “Set as wallpaper”, because when I click on “Set as wallpaper” option, it does nothing .

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The app that sets the wallpaper is eos-wallpaper-set.
On i3 it uses feh:

feh --bg-scale "$pic"

But I’m not using i3, so I don’t really know how the wallpaper needs to be maintained on i3. There are others here that know how it should be handled.

Obviously no, since after each i3 restart, it reads the i3 config file and applies wallpapers according to included commands.

This just descriptions always annoyed me :joy: .
You can right-click an image in several places (any file manager, any image viewer, etc.), and the outcome is strongly depended on which program is used (right-clicked).

For example, if you use an image viewer, read its man/docs to find out where the images is saved, or if you can configure it in its settings.
If the output/save path can be set (permanent), use eos-wallpaper-set $saved_image_path in your i3 config command, and you get what you were looking for :wink: .

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Most filemanagers will work as standalone - the only true standalone filemanager is pcmanfm[-qt] - but if they are used outside their native einvironment - it may behave different.

If the i3 edition uses Thunar - remember that Thunar has been created for Xfce desktop and some functionality will only work if xfsettingsd is autostarted by the wm and the xfwm is present and active.

Yes - such behavior can be confusing - but it is likely not an error - per se - but because Thunar has been implemented as a standalone file manager for i3wm