Can install but cant launch

I have a clean EOS-KDE installation and I have the problem:

I can install apps through yay, for example:
yay vivaldi
yay firefox

But they do not show up on the “menu” and I have no way to launch the app. I can for example open the terminal and write firefox, then firefox launches but I guess that the app not showing up on the menu is a bug?

Sometimes you have to logout and login again for them to appear in the menu.

Alternatively, you can type kbuildsycoca5 in a terminal.

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What is the output of ls -l /usr/share/applications | grep firefox?

You can install these packages with pacman also instead of yay.

That won’t make any difference.

My main purpose is to install vivaldi so I did

sudo pacman -Ss vivaldi vivaldi-ffmpeg-codecs

aswell and it did not work.

That searches for packages, it doesn’t install them.

But the packages are already installed if you can run them from the terminal.

Did you try what I suggested above?

Meant -S.
I tried to run the command you wrote and I had previously restarted twice. Now that I did kbuildsycoca5, they are visible. What is this command?

This Rebuilds the system configuration cache.

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