Can I "uninstall" BSPWM?

I’ve spent a day with BSPWM and a day with i3wm and have decided i3 is a keeper. Can you advise the best/safest way to remove BSPWM (if it’s even possible)? Thanks.

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Took a look at the dependencies (I use i3 but never tried bspwm). Looks like I would remove bspwm,sxhkd, and xdo unless you are using the last two for something. You have both i3 and bspwm installed along side one another yes?

sudo pacman -R bspwm sxhkd. You can also remove the config files from ~/.config/bspwm/ and /sxhkd.

But why do so? BSPWM is surely heaps better than i3! A day is not long enough to configure and get used to BSPWM.


Thanks, as it was installed using “sudo make install” I found a reference on reddit implying I can use “sudo make uninstall”. I tried this and it essentially just removed all the folders the install made. I manually removed the ones from .config.

Just about to reboot to see if the login option has been removed. brb.

Well a combination of the “sudo make uninstall” and “sudo pacman -R bspwm” did the trick! :+1:

@davidw you may well be right, but -i3 “straight out of the box” worked better on my laptop than bspwm. I’m sure I could have rectified that given time and a lot of reading, but to be honest I just wanted to play and didn’t expect to keep either, however I’m really liking i3 and what @joekamprad has done with it for EnOS. :clap: :facepunch:


Just ask here :laughing:

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